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As our regulars are aware, we had a zero crop earlier this year, so that's behind us now, and we've been busy over winter with the annual pruning exercise.

Quite time-consuming, but vital, in order to prune out the clutter of small branches and shoots in the heart of the tree, and open up the trees for sunlight and air-flow. The other reason of course is to maintain the canopy at a height we can reach with our harvesting device, as there's no point in having olives at the 5 metre mark if we can only reach 4 metres!

Meantime, we wait for flowering and - rain. It's been another very dry winter (even for SE Qld) so we have fingers crossed for a good crop this season.

And if you're a small producer like us, we've sourced some excellent cotton wool rolls for filtering - see our online store for details.

Updated 13th Sept 2018. Enjoy your visit, especially our Picture Gallery.

Our olive grove is situated on the Great Dividing Range just a little north-east of Toowoomba, in Queensland, Australia.

Rash Valley Olives at Palmtree
So what's in a name - can't find Rash Valley on the map? Well, Roger and Shirley Harrison's olive grove is in a picturesque little valley up in the hills near Ravensbourne . Get it ...?

Our nearest village is Hampton, just 10k's up the road. The annual Hampton Festival held each year in the (usually) georgeous weather of the late Autumn month of May, features guest chefs who conjure up magical dishes from the vast array of local fresh produce.

When Poh (of 'Poh's Kitchen' fame) was guest chef, she used our Frantoio extra virgin olive oil to create a divine dark chocolate mousse finished with organic blueberries from Hampton Blue. Try it yourself sometime!

Easy to make & simply stunning! (Click the links or the photo below)



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The Secret of our Olive Oil?

Our olive trees yield the freshest, all natural extra virgin olive oil -- the result of picking healthy olives and putting them through the press with minimum delay and absolute attention to detail.

Our EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) has a freshness and fruitiness you may never have tasted before. Here's a selection of what our customers think...

Customer Reviews

"We prefer to use Rash Valley Extra Virgin Olive Oil because it has a beautiful fresh taste, it seems 'cleaner' than other oils. I always recommend it to friends and often purchase it for a gift." -- KS, Ravensbourne

"We have been using the Rash Valley Olive Oil for the past 4 years. From the very first fresh, green taste we were hooked. We use it for frying, roasting, salads, dressings (mixed and on its own), dipping our bread and sometimes just licking it from our fingers. I also use it as a face scrub (mixed with some salt flakes or  caster sugar) a beautiful bath oil and a few drops in with the dogs dinner for a shiny coat. The flavours are so fresh and turn the most basic dish into gourmet.

We are unable to go back to the supermarket variety oils and would rather go without. We are very lucky to live near Roger and Shirley so are able to access ready supply. I have purchased Rash Valley Oil as gifts for friends and family interstate and always get a request for more. The best oil  we have ever tasted." -- Nicole Booth, Ravensbourne.

"We have been using Rash Valley's Extra Virgin Olive Oil now for a number of years - almost every day!  We’ve seen the olives on the tree at Rash Valley, seen the care and attention that goes into the whole process and tasting the finished product and believe that there is no other product that even comes close to the quality and taste. Whether it be drizzled over fresh basil leaves or on the BBQ to cook salmon steaks, the flavor and texture is divine." -- AB Chermside Qld

"Fresh is best, but knowing that it really is local only adds too the enjoyment we have in using Rash Valley Olive Oil. From drizzeling, to pouring to baking, Be Australian, Buy Australian, and if you can buy Locally." -- P & J Ravensbourne  4352

Award Winning* Queensland  Extra Virgin Olive Oil

*Class 1 SILVER MEDAL -- 2016 Royal Adelaide Show