Selection of Rash Vally Olives dukkahs

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Whether you spell it Dukkah or Dukka or Duqqa, and whether you pronounce it DOO-KA or DOOK-A or DUCK-A, it amounts to the same thing – a coarsely ground blend of chopped nuts or chickpeas, and any number and combinations of seeds, spices and herbs.

There are many different recipes, but a traditional recipe would probably contain toasted hazelnuts and chickpeas, and would definitely include sesame, coriander, and cumin seeds as well. Either dried thyme or mint would give a herbal note.

Rash Valley Olives has five blends, deliciously different, so why not try them all!

Where did it originate?

It originated in Egypt and is eaten throughout the Middle East. In recent times it’s found it’s way here to Australia where along with New Zealand it’s proving very popular, but other parts of the world are catching on too.

The word “dukkah” comes from an Arabic verb meaning “to pound”, much like “pestare” in Italian, from which we get pesto.

How do you use it?

✓ Use it as a dip with extra virgin olive oil and crusty bread or pita bread
✓ Sprinkle over cooked vegetables
✓ Add to a salad
✓ Mix with yogurt for a dip for raw vegetables
✓ Sprinkle it over regular devilled eggs
✓ Mix into bread or muffin dough
✓ Make an Arab-style guacamole
✓ Sprinkle over marinated cheese
✓ Use as a garnish for soup
✓ Add depth to rice dishes
✓ Add to a watermelon-feta-basil salad
✓ Use as a rub for chicken breasts, fish, pork, lamb roasts, etc.

  • The 'Egyptian Hazlenut Blend' is probably closest to the traditional style.
  • Our lemony ones ‘Macadamia & Lemon Myrtle’ and ‘Jackeroo Blend’ (with the exquisite Nigella seed) go very nicely with fish.
  • The spicy one ‘Tasmanian Bush Blend’ (with deliciously spicy Tasmanian mountain peppers) adds a bit of zing to a nice steak before it hits the barby
  • The ‘Za’atar & Bush Tomato’ has a real savoury intensity, and is a treat on a quiche or pizza.