Range of Rash Vally Olives extra virgin olive oils
L to R: 500 ml & 250 ml bottles, 4 litre can & 1 litre can

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EVOO - Extra virgin olive oil

Along with our usual selection of fresh filtered extra virgin olive oil, last season we offered a limited release of Novello, or 'veiled' evoo. This is oil taken straight from the press, unfiltered, and allowed to settle naturally in a special air-tight stainless steel storage tank. After a few days settling, it was bottled, and displayed the distinctive cloudy appearance so enjoyed by folk who like their evoo as natural as it's possible to get!

Due to the presence of fine particles of olive matter in suspension in the oil, the shelf life is limited, which is why it's only available for a short time after pressing. We will have it again next season (around April 2018).

The 250ml and 500ml bottles of both the Novello and our normal filtered evoo are both suitable for putting straight on the table, with their no-mess, no-drip built-in pourer.

Our filtered evoo is also available in the white 1 litre and 4 litre tins. Both sizes have built-in pull-up pourer spouts to facilitate decanting into cruets for table use, or for those occasions where a good dollop is called for. (Where you want a downpour, not a drizzle!)

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We're delighted with the Silver medal awarded to our 2016 extra virgin olive oil at the 2016 Royal Adelaide Show last September.

The judge's tasting notes:

Intense cut grass, green banana and green apple aromas following through onto palate. Clean mouthfeel with moderate pungency and bitterness and long length.

What more can we say?  Growing olives and extracting their oil can be no, IS, a demanding exercise, but somehow it's all worthwhile when they reward your effort
as they have done again in 2016, with recognition like this,

Well done to the ollies!