Surplus Equipment For Sale

Talc Dispenser

The equipment is used to dose talc into the paste as it enters the malaxer tank from the hammer mill. A precisely regulated dosage of talc is beneficial when processing fruit which yields an overly wet, or 'sloppy' paste. Manzanillo fruit is notoriously difficult to process for just this reason.

The talc absorbs moisture (it prefers water to oil), firms up the paste and results in a much more efficient malaxing, and subsequent release of oil. The use of enzymes and, where necessary, talc, has proven to give quite dramatic increases in yields, with absolutely no detrimental effect on quality.

So why are we selling?

When we bought our press (Oliomio 350) we had every intention of doing contract pressing as well as our own. Our olives (Frantoio and Correggiolo) have not needed talc to date, as the paste is of the right consistency for efficient malaxing. We subsequently decided not to do outside pressing, so apart from a short run one day early in the piece where we used it (unnecessarily! ) to dose 600Kg of our own fruit, it's unused, and in As New condition.

The machine is a Dosificadores DP-5/40, made in Spain.

It's on a height-adjustable mobile stand, uses single-phase power, has a large hopper for talc, with fully adjustable dosage settings. The talc emerges from the end of the yellow discharge tube, driven by a timed, pulsing worm-drive.

Asking price is $4800.

Electronic Secateurs

For pruning more than a backyard's worth of trees, powered secateurs are pretty well essential.

The Campagnola 'Mastiff' is a powerful, compact and efficient pruning device, powered by a back-pack rechargeable battery pack. The brand new (Sept 2016) Lithium Ion battery easily lasts a full day, and then some!

The Mastiff has an electronic controller (worn on the belt) which allows adjustable blade openings depending on the nature of the pruning you're currently doing, plus auto self-checking, temperature readings, and a cut-counter.

Reason for selling?

This is our second pair of electric secateurs, which was essential when the two of us were both pruning. We've since changed our pruning schedule, to allow for chainsaw work as well as putting the offcuts through the chipper as we go, and these are simply surplus to our requirements.

Used for only two seasons, with low total cuts less than 40,000. Asking price is $1500.

Chain Sling and Bars

This is a custom-made sling, made by Serafini Chains in Brisbane, to enable full pallet bins of fruit to be unloaded using either a 3PL jib pole or an FEL (front end loader) attachment on our tractor. The low-profile under bars slip under the pallet bin, while the top X bar prevents the chains from damaging/crushing the plastic bins.

The load rating of the chain sling far exceeds what we were asking it to do, so it could be used for the full-height bins as well. (And before you ask, the 2/3 pallet bin in the picture is NOT for sale - they're scarce as hens teeth!!!)

Reason for selling?

We invested in a set of forks for the tractor, so now have no use for the chain sling and bottom & top bars.

Asking price $200.

Quadbike Canopy

Affectionately known as 'mushroom canopies', one of these has been in service on our bike for quite a few seasons.

They're stiff enough to hold their shape well, yet flexible enough to yield if you go under low branches. The framework is blue-stripe poly with standard fittings available from your irrigation shop, the canopy is UV resistant waterproof & sunproof sheeting, sewn to size with included draw-string ropes to hold it around the hoop. The hoop attaches to the frame with tree-ties, and the frame attaches to the bike with cable ties. Simple? You bet. Effective? Absolutely!

When we had our first one made for us, we got the canvas shop to sew up a few extras, in case we needed to replace the top. But quite a few seasons later, we're still going strong on the original top. So, we made up a few more frames, included all the necessary tree ties and cable ties, and offer them for sale - new and unused!

They should fit pretty well most quadbikes provided there's something to cable-tie them to. For quick removal, we just undo the four joiners (one on each corner), and leave the crossbars attached, but you could easily just cut the cable ties - even quicker!

Ideal for work around the farm, like mowing (we use a "Quad Cutter" behind the bike),spraying, or just poking around on a hot summer's day or in the wet. The round canopy gives excellent shade and rain protection.

Price: $120 in kit form, with all polypipe, fittings,joiners, ties, canopy and assembly instructions.

Driveway Alert

This is the Dakota Alert 3000 system. It consists of a sensor/transmitter which mounts near your front gate, and a receiver pager unit which buzzes and/or sounds a tone when the sensor at the gate detects movement within about 15 metres in front of it. The effective range is around 200 metres (ours is 220 metres), the transmitter uses a small 9v battery which lasts for 12 months or more, while the pager has a built-in rechargeable battery which lasts a couple of weeks between charges. The pager unit also keeps a log of the date & time of each activation.

You can have up to four sensor/transmitters, with each one sending a different tone to the pager, so you know which one has triggered.  But what we have for sale is one sensor/transmitter and one pager unit, complete with charger. It's brand new and unused.

Reason for selling?

We bought two at the time, as we were going to "guard" a second entrance to the property, but the gate there is always locked, so no-one would be driving in there anyway.

Asking $250 (well under new price)